Local and Professional Property Management

V2 Properties is a full-service property management company. We provide leasing, maintenance, accounting and annual tax reporting, cleaning, advertising, interior & exterior surveys. At V2 Properties, our team approach allows for all aspects of each task to be handled by a caring individual that specializes in their field, yet each of us could step in for another when necessary.

Our goal is to assure that your investment is so well managed that you will refer us to your circle of friends, and tenants will make the house their happy home.

All of these point to our motto that we value and hold true: “An Investment, A House, A Home.”

Our Property Management Services:

  • Leasing: Finding and placing great tenants is a priority that we handle above all else. We focus on technology using RENTLY for immediate and flexible tenant showings along with high quality photos and 360º video tours. We also use Background Investigations for thorough Tenant Application Screenings (See tenant screening criteria.). At all move in and move outs we conduct an intensive property inspection including 360º photos and full report.
  • Maintenance:Maintaining your real estate investment is also top priority. In our experience, along with the combined experience of thousands of NARPM members around the country, a professionally maintained property will uphold the test of time years longer and attract the quality tenants that will respect your property as their home, therefore increasing your return on investment. We have developed a working relationship with local licensed and bonded vendors who will not only give us their best service, but will give us their best prices.
  • Accounting:Your property is one of your most important investments. We use Appfolio for all our accounting transactions. Each month you will receive a detailed statement of all income and expenses for your property. Your funds will be automatically deposited into your checking account on the 17th of each month. If you prefer to receive your statement and check by postal mail, we will be happy to accommodate. Annually you will receive a summary cash flow report and 1099 IRS reporting.
  • Cleaning:With our expected level of quality homes, professional cleaning and carpet shampooing are standard. We do expect that tenants will leave the home clean and free of damage (other than normal wear and tear), have the carpets professionally shampooed, and have the lawn mowed and gardens weeded. This should leave the home in great showing condition.
  • Advertising:In order to attract the most to your property, we advertise via the Appfolio marketing feature to ensure your listings are getting the best exposure possible! Appfolio links your rental ad to over 20 websites including Zillow.com, Rent.com and Realtor.com. We also advertise to Facebook and Instagram. Also, we place professional yard and directional signs for a low, one-time charge. And, of course, your property will be advertised with detailed explanations, maps, photos, 360º video tours on V2Properties.com.
  • Interior & Exterior Surveys:Between tenancies, as well as occasionally during the tenancy, we will conduct an interior and or exterior survey of the property. We find it to be helpful in providing necessary information regarding the condition of the property. This gives us a chance to see how the tenants are treating the property and upholding their lease, check furnace filters, smoke detectors, and watch for any signs of deferred or necessary maintenance. The exterior surveys are done informally as a drive-by when we are “in the neighborhood.” Our surveys and drive-bys are done with the intent of not invading the privacy of the residents. We hold with high regard the privacy of the tenants and the fact that this is their home.